Dahae Lee

2023 Dahae Lee Reel

Hi! I'm Dahae Lee, and nice to meet you! :)

Hi, my name is Dahae Lee, and I am looking for myself a passionate post-production who loves editing, coloring, and sound editing. Currently, I am a student editor at SCAD MEDIA, experiencing and learning the industry experience and having opportunities like editing film festival promos, trailers, and interviews. 

I love EDITING because I have the stick to make magic to put the pictures into the sequence to create the story. Every frame of the image, color scheme, and different moods of sound can create various and totally different genres, which is astonishing and fun to work with! 
The true joy and excitement of editing the project by showing and discussing it with my team made me nervous, but with full excitement showing how I love and care about my passion for editing. 
I am diverse genre acceptance which I worked from, Narrative, Documentary, Promo, Branding, Fashion, Exhibition, Animation, etc. I like working in diverse genres, learning from each project, and building my knowledge and passion.
Also, I have experience in directing and producing how to build the story and how the Director wants to see the story from the sequence and develop the whole vision of the story.