Dahae Lee

2023 Dahae Lee Reel

Hi! I'm Dahae Lee, and nice to meet you! :)

God was fair when my brother was a mathematic nerd compared to when I was an Art kid. Yes, I was a kid who spent lots of parents' money on art supplies from 7. I always loved to try using diverse mediums and materials of colors and tools to express and convey the stories that I imagined. Although my parents' generation has always opposed Art because they know it is difficult to contribute much to life, they still always supported a stubborn daughter. 

Thanks to my soccer coach, my math teacher thought I could edit the soccer season video because I was good at Art. It is ridiculous, but it changed my life after I showed the final edit to the entire high school. As a high school freshman, the applause and positive comments on my new interest in work made me feel like a superstar. Now, even though I don't appear in front of the camera to become a superstar, I found that I love sharing stories the way I draw and paint, which is editing and coloring for the film in media, which makes my heart beat and tickle whenever the crowds love and applause on my work. This is the passion for editing and coloring that I have in my career.

I'm an editor and colorist experienced in long-term projects like narrative and documentaries and short-term content like trailers and advertisements. I love to be part of the creative choice and decision-making but also embrace technical aspects of editing and coloring. I believe technical factors like troubleshooting, errors, and steps for the turnover and roundtrip always follow creative decisions. Instead of pushing it to someone or avoiding them, I decided to study and learn how to figure it out and experiment to find the solution and my way to smooth out the creative workflow. Since the industry is constantly changing rapidly with new generations and technology, I always love to look at the latest updates for the software and keep track of new technology statements.